The Electric Canvas is an award winning Australian company recognised internationally as a leader in large scale and architectural projections.

Established in 1997, we have worked on many prestigious projects worldwide presenting stadium field-of-play, architectural decorative, and immersive projections using both large-format filmstrip and high power digital projection techniques.

The Electric Canvas is a complete solution provider with a multi-discipline in-house art department and specialist technical staff. Our reputation for innovative solutions to challenging briefs is well known.

We are a project based company, not a rental company. Our substantial equipment and human resources are entirely dedicated to providing focused support for complex projection and multimedia productions without the day-to-day complications and distractions facing typical equipment only rental operators.

The company is led by Peter Milne who has more than thirty five years experience in the entertainment and event industry as a lighting designer, technical director and project manager. This broad experience contributes to The Electric Canvas’ reputation as a low risk solution provider that can integrate seamlessly into the overall project production process.

Our Approach To Large Scale Projection

The Electric Canvas utilises a variety of projection technologies carefully chosen for the specific application and challenges. Our aim is to ensure optimum impact and to maximize the creative opportunities.

In a world of emerging digital projection, The Electric Canvas still chooses to mix high power digital projectors with large-format “PIGI” projectors in order to provide optimum results from realistic budgets.

We believe that projections need to be bright and vivid so we refuse to skimp on brightness and almost always specify more projection equipment than other parties who attempt similar projections.

Large scale image projection is a very specialised field and best results almost always involve image optimisation techniques to enhance saturation, contrast against residual light and perceived image brightness. The Electric Canvas has the experience to realise the optimum projectable result.

Please contact us for a brochure or showreel DVD, or to discuss how our large format light projection can make your event extraordinary.