Creative Collaboration

Our Art Department has a depth of experience not just in the specialised field of large format projection, but also in art and graphic design, photography, 3D, lighting design, animation and film production.

We are able to draw on this pool of talent when working with our clients to help understand and realise the final creative vision.

Technical Design

• Sophisticated professional survey tools including 3D laser field station for millimeter accurate on site surveying.

• Extensive use of CAD and projection modeling using custom software tools.

• Design and documentation of projection infrastructure and fabrication for projects.

• Our experience with major televised events and syncronised / automated delivery brings additional benefits to any project. We have twenty years experience in the use and propagation of TimeCode as a syncronisation tool and employ specialised equipment on every event to monitor, analyse and record time code feeds along with sound and vision. We capture a complete log of rehearsals and show that can be used off-line to fine tune programming or as a post event reporting aid.

• High-quality projection overlays and predictions.

• Custom field cameras for architectural surveys.

• OnlyView media control and playback system.

• OnlyCue PIGI control - integration with OnlyView.

• PIGI Simulator for pre-programming and visualisation.

• In house film printing for PIGI masks and effects.

• High powered data projectors as well and PIGI scrolling projection systems and accessories.

• Well stocked spare parts inventory.

• Extensive power and data distribution hardware.

• Layher system scaffolding with various weather proofing options.

• Custom projector rigging.