There are a number of questions to be considered when deciding on how best to use our services.

What type of projection? –

PIGI projection, video projection or a combination of the two?

Size of the image? -

This determines how many projectors are required. Each PIGI projector can cover around 400 sqm or more depending on surface and ambient light conditions. Data projectors provide comparable brightness at around 70 sqm

Dates and Timeframe? -

How many days will we be projecting? How long will we have for set up? Is there a schedule? Simple jobs can be set up the day before if outdoors or the same day if indoors. Shows with many projectors require more set up days. Once the equipment is set in place we need time to “program” the image sequence on the control computer and this requires darkness.  

Location? -

Most of our international projects involve airfreight which can be expensive. On our quotations, we provide approximate shipment weight and size so that clients can obtain their own freight quotes or sponsorships. On some occasions, we may be able to sea-freight equipment at reduced cost, but this depends on bookings and availability.

How many PIGI images are required? -

This relates to the printing of the film for the PIGI projections. The price reduces as the number of images increases. Images that “scroll” (move) are counted as more than one image“frame”.

Who will design the images? -

If this is us, then we will need a detailed briefing so we can estimate the cost of design. We charge this by the hour just as any design studio. If you wish to design the images, we will provide consultancy support so that our designers can guide you to make the most advantage of the medium. We charge a nominal rate for this.

Do the projections need to be designed to accurately fit structural details? -

If we are decorating detailed architecture, we would need to bring our custom survey camera to the site. After this, we create a design template of the building that can then be used to create the decorative treatments. This template involves considerable effort and must be costed into any proposal.  

Where can the projectors be located? -

In some instances, projectors will need to be installed on scaffolding towers or on private property. The location of the projectors must be suitable to achieve the desired result. Cranes or other access machinery may be needed. Three-phase power supply will be required and, if outdoors, weather-proofing and security arrangements must be to our satisfaction. Projection distances can range from 15m to 200m.

Can you provide photos and measurements? -

Digital photographs of the projection surface and the equipment site will assist us in establishing feasibility and providing an accurate quote. Basic measurements of the target image area and the distance to the projector site are also valuable.

Do we need to visit the site before the event? -

Some events can be prepared without a site survey. If we can be supplied with good quality photography and measurements of the site, then we may be able to avoid a visit to the site.