Digital Projection

Digital Projectors

The Electric Canvas employs a variety of digital projection technologies, carefully chosen on a site-by-site basis to ensure optimum impact, maximise creative opportunities and offer best value for real-world budgets.

In addition to our stalwart fleet of rugged Christie® Roadster projectors, The Electric Canvas is excited to announce the arrival of two new revolutionary models to expand its arsenal of digital projectors.

The Christie® Boxer 4K30 projector is undeniably the brightest, smartest and lightest 30,000 lumens projector on the market today. The Boxer offers true 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution to produce ultra-high definition images, making it ideal for applications where the audience is in close proximity to the projection or when the display of extremely fine detail is essential. The Boxer’s omni-directional positioning feature provides the flexibility we often need for our complex technical layouts. Its super-efficient NSH mercury arc lamp technology provides more than double the life of Xenon lamps, with a rating of 1500 hours to 70% of their initial brightness.

We have also introduced the Christie® GS Series solid state laser phosphor projector to our technology line up. This single chip DLP projector features WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution with 5,400 lumens of output. The GS Series delivers accurate colour reproduction and excellent image quality in a compact, lightweight and quiet projector, perfect for theatre, exhibition and other indoor applications where discretion is key.

Media Servers

As with our projectors, the media servers we deploy are selected for their strong suitability to our specific project requirements. Our latest addition, Modulo Player, has been developed in conjunction with projection specialists and is an ideal system for architectural projection and mapping applications. Amongst its many features is XMap, a unique advanced warping and soft edge tool that enables individual warping, colour and masking attributes to be applied across multiple image layers. Modulo Player, in addition to our Dataton Watchout and Onlyview media servers, provides us with the flexibility and reliability we need to program and deliver successful projection shows time and again.