FingerPaint Interactive Projection Mapping

FingerPaintâ„¢ is our new fun interactive projection system that allows participants to express themselves through a tactile finger-painting experience.

Via a large touch screen, users can select different architectural regions of a building, surface or structure, and then apply colour, textures and animations to them with a variety of brushes, stamps and animated content.

  • Ideal for all types of public and corporate events
  • Real-time interaction for all ages
  • Adaptable to your building or event site
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Use stock content or let us create custom-themed content for your event
  • Customisable interface and user parameters
  • Multiple systems can be used for larger group interactions
  • Adjustable turn timer or unlimited free play
  • Photo taken automatically at end of turn
  • Photos can be printed on-site or retrieved on-line