Architectural Projection

Sydney Town Hall Christmas 2009

Sydney Australia 26 November 2009

Client: City of Sydney



Each night from the 26 November, images evoking the 12 Days of Sydney Christmas were projected onto Sydney Town Hall, transforming it into a canvas depicting a truly Australian Christmas and providing locals and visitors with a spectacular free show.


The 12 Days of Sydney Christmas projections were:

12 Wattle Blossoms

11 Flying Foxes

10 Kookaburras

9 Blue Bottles

8 Lots of Different Cultures

7 Yachts are Sailing

6 Blue Tongue Lizards

5 Plenty of Parks

4 King Parrots

3 Bottle Brushes

2 Old Echidnas

And a Pink Cocky in a gum tree.

All artwork was illustrated in house at The Electric Canvas.