Major Events

Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony

Sydney Australia 2000

Client: SOCOG



Four 7kw PIGI projectors were used to project images of Olympic heroes onto the giant flag as it was passed hand-to-hand by the audience on its way down to the field of athletes below.

The projection equipment was mounted on a temporary platform on the roof of the eastern grandstand. The images were distortion corrected to compensate for the considerable horizontal offset as well as the lay-back angle of the stand itself. All four projectors carried the same set of nine images that were overlaid to achieve the necessary broadcast brightness for the 70m high pictures.

The projection of the dove required careful design and calculation due to rigging limitations and the position of the flag that would be held approximately 2m above the surface of the field. It was impossible to simulate the final result without the10,000 athletes holding this enormous flag aloft.

Three positions were nominated on each of the eastern and western roof gantries for the location of six 7kw PIGIs each of which projected an overlapping portion of the dove image. The angle from each projector to the field centre was about 35° below horizontal resulting in considerable keystone distortion that was corrected after the image had been split into six parts by our film artists. Footprint predictions and correction solutions were plotted entirely in CAD.