Major Events

Sydney Olympic Closing Ceremony

Sydney Australia 2000

Client: SOCOG



The Electric Canvas was asked to project onto the ten vertical sides of the Geodome globe as well as onto the multi-leaf flat stage mode. Access to the stadium for testing and final set up was not possible until midnight before the show. All testing, programming and rehearsals, therefore, had to take place off-site.

For the vertical sides, four PIGIs were used from corner locations in the lower seating areas of the stadium. For the flat mode, two pairs of projectors were located at the centre of both the eastern and western roof gantries.

CAD modelling had to be exclusively used to develop masks so that imagescould be positioned accurately into each of the five leaves of the flat stage. Each of the four corner PIGIs needed to be able to project keystone-corrected images accurately onto each face in a variety of modes and positions. The positions and their relationship to the geodome needed to be simulated at the off-site rehearsal location (a disused airfield) where the geodome was being set up and tested. With the scissorlifts set to simulate the stadium positions, film masks were created and film production was fast-tracked in four days allowing just enough time to program the projectors before the Geodome had to be dismantled for its move to the stadium.

One effect required a 360° image of the earth rotating around the Geodome. Various other images were designed and corrected to fit each face including a scene that had to follow the geodome as it rose to its top height during the show’s finale (achieved by using the programmable rear foot on each PIGI).

The set up of the geodome at the Olympic stadium commenced around 2am on the day of the closing ceremony. Darkness for testing of the projections was not possible, so a unique daytime line up strategy had to be developed to allow each of the projectors to be accurately pointed at the structure. The lineup was finally achieved at 4.30 pm when the Geodome was fully operational. All the line-ups fell nicely into place confirming the accuracy of all our calculations and processes. When the first PIGI cue was called during the show, no further line-up adjustment was needed.