Major Events

Singapore National Day Parade

Singapore 2003

Client: Showtec




  • 12 x 6kw rotating double scroller PIGI projectors for field of play to produce an image area of 70m x 70m.
  • Images projected onto large flag held aloft by 1000 participants
  • Shallow projection angle – 24 degrees below horizon – called for extreme distortion correction and accurate 
projector positioning.
  • Custom designed mounting arrangements and weatherproof housings
  • Photographic & graphic imagery including kinetic / rotational effects.
  • Time-code synchronisation with sound track.


  • 6 x 6kw double scroller PIGIs rear projected onto three 18 x 12m screens
  • Paired projectors for cross fade and complex effects.

  • Seamless video integration.
  • More than 120 images timecode synchronised to soundtrack.