Major Events

XV111 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Melbourne Australia 15 March 2006

Client: M2006



Some eighteen months prior to the event, The Electric Canvas was asked to investigate the feasibility of projecting seamless images onto a 100m diameter ramped circular stage.

The challenges were enormous; especially considering that the venue roof, from which the projectors had to be mounted, was formed by a series of different curves meaning that each of the required twenty five PIGI projectors would be located at varying distances and angles to the stage surface. To add to the challenge, the creative objectives were ambitious with requirement for images and effects to circle and flow around the giant conical stage.

Extensive Laser survey and CAD modeling was carried out by The Electric Canvas and finally a workable projection scheme was determined that required the 200kg PIGI projectors be installed in a variety of difficult locations including upper seating areas, under-roof gantries and even inside the permanent MCG score-boards.

To overcome the image manipulation challenges, the designs were “mapped” onto a virtual model of the stage then re-captured from the viewpoint of twenty-five virtual projectors. Once this process was complete, the individual parts of the image were no longer recognisable and could not be checked or tested - until the total of 750m of costly film was installed on the projectors in the venue. The care and attention to detail by the TEC team paid off and no alterations were required to any of the film after installation.