Naked Party

Sydney Australia 2008

Client: Avant-Guarde Events



With a company name like “Naked” we were not surprised at the eclectic brief we received from this award winning marketing communications firm. Each year they treat their diverse clientele to a night of off-the-wall entertainment and networking.

The theme for this event was “the five lost commandments of marketing” and the venue was a 19th Century church on the campus of one of Sydney’s elite Girl’s Schools. The Electric Canvas, alongside Naked’s own art department, set about designing an architecturally based animated environment using our OnlyView media system and 20k Christie projectors. The stonework of the historic church soon came alive with tablet-toting cherubs and other weird and wonderful creatures that continuously surprised and amazed the guests especially as the night progressed. Architectural templates were created and used to assist with the many colourful, and mostly irreverent, transformations.