Kelly Chen Concerts

Hong Kong June 2008

Client: Image and Style



Throughout East Asia, Kelly Chen is a household name. This diva of stage and screen has enjoyed a long career featuring a number of platinum albums sung in no fewer than three languages. Likewise her theatrical, television and film prowess is legendary in those markets. So it was no surprise that she was able to sell out six concerts in Hong Kong’s Coliseum indoor arena. In true Chinese theatrical style the concerts were a feast of costume, dance and fantasy - and the crowd really did go wild!

The Electric Canvas was engaged to provide PIGI projection as a scenic tool for the lavish production. Eight motorised scrims surrounded and enclosed the central stage area with one PIGI projector dedicated to each. Various combinations of these scrims were choreographed into the performance to create a variety of settings. Scrolling and static images worked hand in hand with the spectacular lighting to create a fantasy forest of gossamer images.