Major Events

Sydney Australia 2008

Client: Various



Arguably the most recognisable Sydney icon is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In recent times the bridge has been the centrepiece of our world famous New Year’s Eve events forming the framework for spectacular pyrotechnic and lighting effects on a huge scale. The Electric Canvas has been commissioned a number of times to provide projections onto the stone pylons that tower some 90 meters above the harbour.

In 2008 we were given the opportunity to provide complete architectural coverage of the pylons for the first time. With limited projection distance available on the foreshore, the challenge was to deliver enough light and image clarity for major public events using six PIGI projectors on each pylon with up to 65 degrees look-up angle. For New Year’s Eve 2008, both pylons were architectually treated with images designed to support the theme of the event, “Creation”. Various sequences and effects were syncronised to the broadcast soundtrack using timecode that was beamed to each pylon site via microwave links.