Architectural Projection

Macquarie Visions

Sydney Australia 27 May 2010

Client: AGB Events and AVVISO



Macquarie Visions celebrated the 200th anniversary of Lachlan Macquarie’s arrival in Sydney as New South Wales’ fifth governor. The event highlighted Lachlan Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth’s achievements over eleven amazing years, during which they instigated significant changes to the colony that have helped to shape our nation. The project was the brainchild of Anthony Bastic of AGB Events and Carolyn Grant of Avviso. The story of Macquarie Visions was focussed on the ceremonial axis of Sydney, Macquarie Street, and featured St Mary’s Cathedral, The Hyde Park Barracks, The Mint, Parliament House, The Mitchell Library and The Conservatorium of Music.

The Electric Canvas consulted on the creative opportunities presented by each site, and then recommended the best application of a variety of projection technologies to achieve the goals of the producers. Based on our venue surveys, detailed image templates were created for use in the design process.

Over an intense five-week production period, we brought to life a rich and complex visual treatment for Macquarie Visions, combining digital animations, architecturally accurate decorative stills, and scrolling image sequences. Using the client’s well-researched briefs, we interpreted a collection of historical documents and images into an accessible “Son et Lumiere” experience designed to engage a broad audience.

The Electric Canvas applied its creative and technical talent to create Macquarie Visions, capturing the unique beauty of that early colonial period, while achieving a modern look and experience.

Photography by Toby Dixon